Terms & Conditions

I consent for my child to attend The Willows Day Care Nursery; I understand that the nursery has policies and procedures and that there are expectations and obligations relating to both The Willows and myself and my child, and agree to abide by them.

I give permission for a trained member of staff to administer First aid if required.

I give permission for The Willows to seek any necessary emergency medical advice or treatment in the event that my child is involved in a serious accident. I expect to be contacted immediately on the telephone numbers given.

Late collection of my child will result in a charge of £1.00 per minute per family after 6pm. I understand that persistent late or non-payment of fees may jeopardise my child’s place.

I confirm that the information given on all forms is correct and agree to notify The Willows staff of any changes in details.

I understand that the information given on this registration form is confidential. However the staff have a duty to safeguard all children, so in the event of a Child Protection issue it may be necessary to disclose information to the Designated Child protection officer and in certain instances Social care may be contacted.

I agree to give one month’s notice if my child leaves the setting, and for changing my child’s regular booking pattern.

I have read and accepted the above conditions for my child attending The Willows Day Care Nursery.

I agree to pay 50% of my first invoice if I have booked my child in three months or more in advance. I also understand that this is refundable if my child attends the days and hours originally booked in for and is non refundable if days and hours are reduced.

I understand that 10% will be added to my child’s fee if I have not paid by the date stated on the invoice.

I understand that apart from the Christmas closure week and Bank holidays, full rates will always be charged, however if I let The Willows know holiday dates in advance, meal charges will be deducted.

I agree that full fees will always be charged as clearly stated in the terms and conditions of The Willows.