Parents as Partners

The Willows recognises that you as parents are the first and lifelong educators of your children and as such work in partnership with you in order to meet the needs of your children whilst they are in our care.  Partnership begins from the time parents first visit us, is built upon during introductory visits and grows in strength and trust all the time whilst at The Willows.  Staff encourage parents to join in with their child’s learning and adding to their child’s development records; sharing achievements with staff verbally and visually; here at The Willows we have wow boards and invite parents to bring along pictures, we have all about me books which parent can make together with their children at home and by discussing their child’s development at both informal periods, such as pick up time, and formal sessions, such as during a consultation appointment which can be booked throughout the year..

The staff at The Willows will always recognise and value your comments and contributions – to date we are lucky enough to have worked with some families for over 15 years.