Policies and Procedures



If your child is unwell please do not bring them to nursery.  If they become ill during the day a member of staff will ring you to let you know and ask you to come to The Willows and take them home.  Please ring The Willows and let us know if your child is unwell as it is helpful to us and other parents to be aware of any illness circulating within the setting.

Please be aware if your child has diarrhoea and/or sickness the exclusion period is 48 hours after the symptoms have disappeared, in order to help prevent the spread of infection.


The Willows has a strict policy on the administration of medication that is in line with the Welfare Requirements of the EYFS.  Prior written consent must be given before any medication can be administered to a child; this includes medicines used to lower a high temperature, such as Calpol.

Prescribed medication, i.e. antibiotics, we advise that the medication is administered 24 hours prior to returning to nursery. The medication must be in its original bottle/packaging and is clearly labelled with doctor/hospital name and address.  Other necessary details must include Child’s name, date medication prescribed and the dosage and frequency.

Medication will only be given after the child has been in the setting for four hours or more.  Please be aware that these procedures have been put into place in order to safeguard all the children in our care and the staff administering medicines.

In the case of long-term medication, such as a child having an inhaler for asthma, a care plan will be put into place in order to meet the child’s individual needs.


The Willows believes that children have the right to be completely secure from both the fear and reality of abuse, and are committed to protecting all the children in our care from harm. The setting has a duty to act upon any causes of concern and may liase with Social Care, Ofsted and/or the police if necessary.  All staff regularly attend Child Protection training to ensure the safety and welfare of all children in our care.


We take all comments from children, parents, carers and the wider community very seriously.  If you have concerns with any aspect of our setting please do not hesitate to contact the Manager, Deputies or Room Leaders in order to resolve the situation.  If you would like to make an anonymous (or not) comment about our provision there is a suggestions box in the entrance hall that is regularly checked and addressed.

Any parent or carer can at any time submit a complaint to Ofsted about any aspect of childcare provision.  Ofsted will consider and investigate all complaints that are in breach of the EYFS Statutory Framework.

Payment of Fees

Fees are due in advance at the beginning of each month, if they are not paid by the stated date then a 10% charge will be added.  Fees can be paid either by Bank transfer, cash, childcare vouchers (i.e. Computer share vouchers, Sodexo etc) or by claiming Nursery Education Funding (if appropriate).  A mixture of the mentioned methods is also acceptable.

All children after the term they turn three are eligible for Nursery Education Funding, we currently offer  15 hours a week. 

Parents can claim upto 30 hours and use this flexibly between 2 settings.

  • in combination with more than one provider should they choose to do so
  • at times that suit their needs (children can arrive and be collected at any time during the day)
  • over a minimum of two days

If this applies to your child you will receive a funding application form from The Willows.

Many workplaces offer childcare vouchers to employees as part payment of their salary.  They could save an employee over £1000 a year in tax and National Insurance contributions and both parents are eligible to claim.  For more information speak to your workplace.

The proprietor reviews fee schedules annually, and one month’s notice will be given to parents before an increment takes place.