Tea Menu

Sample Menu

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Tomato pasta with cheese Cheese & onion whirls, spaghetti Jacket potato, cheese, beans or tuna Soup and crusty roll Vegetable waffles & beans
2 Chicken Goujons, peas & sweetcorn, tomato sauce Bread/ crackers, tomatoes, cucumber, ham and cheese Sausage rolls & beans Pizza, cucumber, tomato & dip Macaroni cheese with mixed veg
3 Cheese on toast Sausage rolls and beans Spaghetti on toast Meatballs & mash potato Tomato pasta with cheese
4 Smiley faces, beans, bread and butter Soup & bread Hot dogs Naan bread with cheese and ham Chicken Goujons & cheesy mash
5 Scrambled egg on toast Ham & cheese pastry whirls Ravioli & toast Tuna pasta bake Popcorn chicken and wedges
6 Beans on toast Veggie dippers, croquet potatoes & mixed veg Sandwiches, salad & dip Vegetable rice with chicken strips Fish fingers, spaghetti, peas & sweetcorn