Daily Routine

The Willows has a flexible routine, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of all the children in our care.  Whilst for the youngest children we follow their own routine, using individual 'day in the life' sheets, a simple structure gives the older children familiarity within the day so they understand what comes next, such as meal times.

As an idea this is what you could expect to see in a day at The Willows within The Badgers and Owls rooms.

7.30 - 9am

The children arrive and settle, choosing their own activities. At 8am some children have breakfast.

9am - Midday

The children in each room take part in both self chosen and pre-planned activities, play outside, join in with group sessions and have a snack at 10am.


Lunchtime - within each room, all the children sit in small groups, with an adult at each table, enjoying a family orientated meal together.

1 - 2.30pm

The younger Badgers have a sleep whilst the Owls begin their afternoon session, taking part in planned and self chosen activities indoors and out.

2.30 - 4.30pm

The Badgers awake and join in with activities and snack upstairs; the Owls continue to take part in their session with a snack time at 3pm. The children spend time in the main garden.


Tea time

5 - 6pm

The children take part in self chosen activities and play in the garden until home time.